A World Gone Mad

We live in dire times. Children are being gunned down in their own classrooms and countries with thermonuclear weaponry are threatening to use them for fear that others might use them first.

It is true that many non-profit organizations are making admirable efforts to solve localized problems around the world but they stop short. Their efforts are commendable but they do not address the root cause of all our problems: the fear of life.

If you have looked at yourself in the manner we advise, you already know that just one look into your actual nature with your mind’s eye snuffs out the underlying fear of life that most of us carry since our birth.

We know this to be true from our personal experience of getting a taste of our own actual nature by looking at ourselves in the manner we advise, and we also have plenty of confirmation from the thousands of people who have looked at themselves and have healed themselves from the fear disease.

If you have lost the fear of life by taking a direct look at your actual nature, you can see the power of this simple act to transform hearts and minds. Now you must realize the obligation that freedom from fear has bestowed upon you.

We are calling on you to join us in an all-out effort to bring the looking to as many people as possible in as short a time as possible.

Thousands of us all around the world have already looked at ourselves and are now free of the burden of the fear of life. If you look at yourself and decide to play a part in spreading the word about this true solution to humanity’s misery, the world will have a much better chance of recovering from the misery of fear for good.

We do not require anyone to buy anything or even donate any money to have access to this revolutionary act of looking at the feeling of me – although donations are much needed and always welcome.

Never, in all of our lives, have we ever seen a single day when humans have not been engaged in killing one another, always moved by fear.

We have been working for the last ten years strictly with Just One Look and we now know everything we need to know to bring it to the world.

We want to bring freedom from fear to as many people as possible and as quickly as possible to stave off the danger of widespread destruction and extinction that we face with the world going mad before our very eyes.

In the words of a beautiful song by Crosby, Stills & Nash:

We can change the world, rearrange the world
It’s dying – to get better.

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