Podcast Ep. 37: What Do You Really Want?

In this episode, we discuss how the search for enlightenment or self-realization is a search for an escape from life and its difficulties. The longing for awakening is actually a desire to go to sleep, to escape from the reality of your own mortality. What is possible is to free yourself of that which keeps you searching for an escape from ordinary life into an imaginary state where everything is perfectly safe and unchanging.

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One thought on “Podcast Ep. 37: What Do You Really Want?

  1. Enlightenment was a buzz word many people used in the 1970’s in California as some kind of ”ultimate goal” to achieve .In the 70’s John Lennon went to India to Rishikesh to learn about transcendental meditation threw mantra repetition ,while ½ million hippies gathered in Woodstock (upstate NY ) used drugs like LSD & pot with Rock music to search for inner peace & freedom . OMG..Its ”way to funny” seeing this conversation return 50 yrs later . By the way..Its actually the 50 yr anniversary of Woodstock this summer ! Anyway..I see no harm in most peoples case’s finding new ways of going to sleep (unless they are driving a car) . My God ..what would happen if 50 yrs later..all the people from the 70’s actually woke up and discovered most of the stuff they believed in as truth..was pretty much false !

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