The State of the World

We cannot help but pay attention to the sorry state of human affairs in our time. And there is no reason to turn away from the facts of the world’s current descent into madness, murder, and torture. This is, after all, the world we live in.

But there is no reason to allow our attention to be pulled to the fear-driven drumbeat of misery and helplessness that appears in a mind still under the effects of the fear.

Something can be done after all. We can work together to bring an end to the worldwide epidemic of neurotic personal fear that is the one true cause of all human violence against self and others.

This advice holds true for everyone, whether or not they have done the act of looking at yourself. If you haven’t done the act of looking at yourself yet, please go to our website now and start on the path out of a fear-driven mind immediately.

Our only real hope now is to help as many people as possible go sane and encourage them to start helping others find the path to sanity.

Our method is simple, foolproof, and free of any charge or obligation.

So far as we can tell, this is the only practical road out of the fear-driven madness that afflicts all humanity and threatens to bring an end to the human adventure once and for all.

So heal yourself first. Strive to gain skill and suppleness in your control over your own mind and, if you can, help us all by actively participating in the work of offering this work to a world desperately in need of true hope and true understanding of the nature of being human.

If you were inspired by this post, please make a donation to support our work.

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