What Is Self-Directed Attention?

There has been considerable confusion arising in our community lately about the nature and purpose of the simple exercise with attention that we call Self-Directed Attention.

That’s my fault.  Let’s see if I can clear away the confusion.

First of all, before anything else can be considered, you must accomplish the act of inward looking that we call “looking at yourself”, which is the first step in the Just One Look Method.

That first inward look snuffs out the fear of life that is the sole true cause of all purely mental misery whatsoever. Once that is accomplished, it will take some time for all the fear-driven damage to the mind to clear up but, no matter what you do after that, if you pay attention to your general demeanor in life, you will begin to see the easing off of the fear and its symptoms.

Once you have looked at yourself, no matter what you do or do not do afterwards, the recovery process will go on beneath the level of consciousness and, in time, you will know yourself to be safe from fear.

But there is so much more you can do with your life. There is something you can do that will return you to the full, conscious ownership of your own mind. If that idea appeals to you, and if you are willing to take on an initially somewhat difficult mental exercise that we call Self-Directed Attention, this practice will slowly change your mind about pretty much everything that bothers you now.

Follow the instructions in our book, The Just One Look Method: Complete Instructions.

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