Everybody Is Just Like You

Everybody is driven by the same underlying fear of life that caused you so much difficulty in your own life prior to looking at yourself. Your response to it was most likely different from that of the villains of history, but it was also shaped by the idiosyncratic way in which your particular psychology developed and found some homeostasis. So if you have been a good person, it was because the circumstances of your life have caused your response to the fear to take the form of good personhood; of being a good guy rather than a bad guy. It’s that simple.

Now that you have rid yourself of the context of fear by looking at yourself, and if you have been practicing Self-Directed Attention regularly, you are home, safe, and sane in your own life, not trying to escape from it and not trying to ascend into heaven or descend into nothingness.

The impulse to hold life at arm’s length has disappeared, but there is a downside to it. The less driven by fear your personality becomes, the less protection you have from the misery and fearfulness of everybody around you. You get in a crowd of people, and it is like being in an insane asylum. Once all the ways in which you have protected yourself in the world go away, your ability to hold at bay the misery of others weakens. So when you are around a group of people who are driven by fear, you really feel it intensely. This is compassion, it is feeling the suffering of others.

Now there two options available to you:

  1. If you have the means, you can run for the hills and hide. You can avoid contact with people and that’s okay. That is a perfectly valid choice. There aren’t any moral strictures to this.
  2. Or you can do something to try to help free the rest of us. You can help bring Just One Look to everybody else.

We live in a really special time here. Not only have we stumbled upon the key to sanity, but we have done so in a time when that key can be delivered to everybody within a short time span. Not many generations but, due to the almost magical technology we have available now, we could get it done in just a few years.

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Word of mouth is the best way to spread this message.

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