First Do No Harm

If you have done the Looking, mastered Self-Directed Attention, and have begun to see the value of Just One Look in your own life, there is often a natural impulse to describe to your friends what you have found. If that’s the case with you, STOP!

I beg you to stop because, unless you fully comprehend the true nature of what has happened in your own mind, you will almost always sow confusion and helplessness where you wanted to plant understanding and self-reliance.

The reason for this is that human minds born in fear are full of false notions about their own nature and their own misery, teeming with misleading ideas that masquerade as what’s needed. And those thought forms will persist until they perish from starvation as you decline to give them your attention. Until then, they will always counsel complexity and hopelessness in one form or another.

So, the only useful advice you can offer to those who have come to want what you have is to encourage them to follow the instructions on our website.

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